Residential Maintenance

Aristotle Air’s residential department recommends a yearly preventative maintenance for maximum unit performance.  Typically, clients can do the once a year option or if you prefer, twice a year. We recommend coil cleanings every other year.

Our preventative maintenance consists of a checklist including the following: clean and check condensing unit, test starting capabilities, test and adjust blower components, test and check safety controls, test voltage motors, test amp draws on motors, test operating pressures, lubricate necessary moving parts, calibrate thermostat, check for proper airflow, check for temperature splits, check expansion valve, test in heat cycle, inspect heat exchanger, check evap coil, check air filters (if provided by client, will change out), test in cooling cycle, test starting capacitors, test run capacitors, test contactors and relays, check condensate drain, tighten all electrical connections, inspect for visible freon leaks.